10 Best Screen Recorder for Mac : Free & Paid

Sep 22 2022

Best Screen Recorder

  • OBS is a Mac screen recording programme that is open-source, free to use, and used to record and stream live video. Even real-time source and device capture, scene composition, encoding, recording, and broadcasting are features offered by one of the best screen recorders for Mac. A number of plugins are supported by open broadcaster software to increase its capability.

Most Trusted

  • The Mac-produced extendable multimedia outline job even manages various organizations of digital video, picture sound, panoramic image, and interactivity. Onscreen controls for QuickTime screen recorder resemble those on a CD or DVD player. With the aid of cutting-edge streaming technology, it is a superb piece of software for watching movies.

Smart Screen Recorder

  • On a Mac, you may capture video and stream it live using VLC free and open-source screen recording programme. Even scene construction, source and device capture in real-time, scene encoding, recording, and broadcasting are features of one of the top screen recorders for Mac. The capability of open broadcaster software can be increased by a number of plugins.

Now, let’s see which screen recorder for mac made top 10 in our list.

Best Screen Recorder for Mac

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10 Best Screen Recorder for Mac: Free & Paid

QuickTime Player

For MacBook, QuickTime Player was created particularly. The majority of laptops with macOS already have it installed. Because there is no need to install any software, this is why the software is so well-liked. And even if it’s not installed by default, you can still get it for nothing. Despite being a capable MacBook screen recorder, the application has serious drawbacks for users who care about sound recording. The problem is that internal system sounds are not recorded by QuickTime. Only the built-in microphone or headphones can be used to record external live audio.
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10 Best Screen Recorder for Mac: Free & Paid


A free video recorder is OBS. It has a lot of settings that let you make expert video clips. You may put together scenes using various media types, mix and edit audio in a sophisticated way, add transitions, and do a lot more. If you’re skilled at software programming, you might appreciate that OBS provides a robust API that allows you to personalize features. Even if the software is among the best for capturing videos, we wouldn’t suggest it for novices because they can find it difficult to navigate the intricate options.
Best price
10 Best Screen Recorder for Mac: Free & Paid


With millions of users worldwide, this software is one of the most well-known. It functions as both a screen recorder and a video editor. Additionally, you can alter pictures by adding arrows, text, highlights, and other elements. The company’s cloud hosting service, which enables limitless ad-free uploads and collaborative capabilities, is its strongest feature. You won’t ever lose your files thanks to a secure recording backup to web storage. However, it goes without saying that these solutions are not free. Screencast-o-Matic is suitable for both private and professional use. You can use a trial version with constrained features for free or purchase a monthly subscription to enjoy the program’s full capability.
10 Best Screen Recorder for Mac: Free & Paid


Snagit is a premium screen recorder tool on the list. Your work routine’s efficiency is its main goal. Start creating lessons and taking instructive screenshots with Snagit if you’re sick of writing instructions for your coworkers or teaching the same thing to each member of the team separately. Your time and energy will be better spent on more crucial tasks.
Great value
10 Best Screen Recorder for Mac: Free & Paid


If you’re in the e-learning sector, you might choose ActivePresenter over other software. In addition to the standard screen recording options, you can create guides, elearning games, and quizzes to enhance the interactivity of educational videos. Additionally, you can insert your HTML package within the software or export content in HTML. Although some users may find the interface’s resemblance to a document editor to be a touch dated, school and university instructors say they find it to be clearer and easier to grasp. Although the trial edition of ActivePresenter is free to use, only a third of the program’s functions are available.
10 Best Screen Recorder for Mac: Free & Paid


Who hasn’t heard of VLC? One of the easiest media players available is this one. It functions as a screen recorder, converter, and more in addition to a video and music player. And it’s entirely free to use!. However, the application has several drawbacks when it comes to screen recording. The first is that you are unable to record your voice using the microphone. Second, the capture area’s size cannot be modified. Last but not least, you’ll need to free up a lot of space on your hard drive if you want a high-resolution video because the file will be quite large.
Top Pick
10 Best Screen Recorder for Mac: Free & Paid is simply what you need if you’re seeking for a simple web screen recorder for a quick assignment. It is a screen capture tool that is accessible online. Additionally, because the tool is still being developed, using the personal version is now totally free. It allows you to record your screen for up to an hour, with a limit of 10 recordings, and it automatically creates cloud folders.
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10 Best Screen Recorder for Mac: Free & Paid


Screencastify add-on functions as a potent video and audio recorder. You can capture any screen, including the desktop and browser. You can record yourself using your webcam and add spoken commentary using a microphone. It has real-time sketching tools that you can use if you want to attract attention to a specific part of a web page or just for fun. Videos that have been recorded can be uploaded to YouTube or are automatically stored to Google Drive. Additionally, the files can be exported in MP3, MP4, or animated GIF formats.
Readers Choice
10 Best Screen Recorder for Mac: Free & Paid


Loom is a useful software for business communication. You may quickly record your screen, get a shareable link, and share it with your coworkers. The video doesn’t require downloading. You can incorporate the extension into your workstation. For instance, you can include Loom into software like Jira, Slack, and Gmail. It is an effective tool for group collaboration. There are several restrictions on the free version, including the number of movies, screenshots, and creators as well as the length of recordings (team members who can create and edit content). You’ll need to purchase a subscription if you want to utilize the full version.
Best Choice
10 Best Screen Recorder for Mac: Free & Paid

Peek 360

With the screencasting tool Peek 360 for macOS, you may record your desktop session to a high-definition MP4 video. A user-defined screen area is used to generate recordings. The option to export your video as an LMS package is also available. Peek 360 is a simple software that focuses solely on creating quick, quiet screencasts of a specific area of the screen rather than being a sophisticated tool with a tonne of extra capabilities.
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QuickTime Player

Most Trusted – Free & Paid Version


Editor’s Note

We have made an effort to walk you through each step of using QuickTime player on a Mac successfully. Everyone may use this app’s user-friendly interface to effectively edit videos and record the screen.

Why Choose QuickTime
  • It’s possible that QuickTime came pre-installed on your Mac. If not, you can download and install the most recent version of QuickTime player from the Apple website.
  • While sharing the iPhone files, this has unrestricted access. You can import, export, and delete big files that aren’t necessary with just one click.
  • With the help of this product, you can transfer media files from an iOS device without any limitations to iTunes. The data can also be backed up in accordance with your needs.

A very basic worldwide media player with a small feature set is QuickTime X. Video trimming is possible directly within the software. For playback on your Mac computers or your portable iDevice, you can convert the trimmed file. The files can also be posted to your MobileMe cloud storage space or exported directly to YouTube. The player’s main playback window has direct access to all of those capabilities. The playing video can be resized by the player, including in full screen mode. There is no preferences dialogue for the player, thus there is no way to configure it the old-fashioned manner. The package comes with a movie inspector that shows the pertinent details about the file that is now being played.

  • Simple to use interface
  • Cost-free for Mac users
  • There is no cost or installation necessary.
  • Inadequate performance
  • Absence of choices for saving in certain file formats
  • Sound recording of poor quality



Best Screen Recorder – Free Trial


Editor’s Note

OBS has been an excellent tool for editing all of my videos and producing new ones. It has fantastic features and is incredibly convenient from the user’s perspective. It is also incredibly simple to train and study on.

Why Choose OBS
  • While recording, draw
  • While recording, change the screens.
  • Adapt recording parameters

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is free to use, open-source screen recording software that records displays without a watermark and for an unlimited amount of time. With Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac, and Linux, it is functional. Specifically designed for content creators, OBS Studio is a leading open-source, free video editing, recording, and real-time platform. Videographers, sound engineers, and other professionals can create stunning visuals with this equipment. You can be sure that there is a solution out there that is suitable for you, whether you’re a content creator who is new to live streaming or an entrepreneur who uses live streams as a primary source of income. OBS isn’t just a screen recorder, though. It is frequently used for live real-time recording, including webcams, window catches, photos, and text. It has a number of modes—Display Capture, Window Capture, Game Capture, and others—for you to record the entire Mac screen as well as program and games. It can also record displays at up to 60 FPS in excellent quality. Additionally, audio from multiple sources can be recorded. The program also has a variety of channels, such as a noise entryway and a noise concealment.

  • No cost installation
  • Various video editing tools are available.
  • Additional audio settings
  • Support for plugins that let you change settings
  • Understanding the interface is difficult



Smart Screen Recorder for Mac – Free & Premium


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Editor’s Note

The majority of user reviews indicate that using Snagit is a nice and engaging experience overall. All of it is quite self-explanatory, however the editing and sharing menus feature a few more intricate sections that new users might find challenging.

Why Choose Snagit
  • Snagit films are watermark-free, but in order to record full-length videos and access all of the software’s functions, you must first register.
  • Screen recordings can only be made for a maximum of five minutes by anyone without a ScreenRec account.
  • You can record an infinite number of videos once you buy a Snagit.

Snagit markets itself as a productivity tool that, in essence, enables users to work more efficiently by swiftly recording and sharing video and audio messages and presentations. Available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, the program is free. This software’s features include screen recording, webcam recording, and the capacity to record microphone and system sounds. In addition to screen recording functionality, Snagit has tools for annotating screenshots, sharing internet movies immediately, analytics, and content management. With the aid of instant private video communications and screenshots, Snagit is a new kind of productivity tool that helps you save time and communicate more quickly. For a screen recorder designed for productivity rather than video production, Snagit performs reasonably well. It is simple to use, records swiftly and effortlessly, and sharing is instantaneous. Users can express complex ideas to one another much more quickly through videos than they might through a series of letters because rendering doesn’t take very long.

  • One of the top selling mac app.
  • Screen recording in two clicks
  • Adding bubbles, shapes, text, and arrows to screenshots
  • Simple sharing online
  • Cloud sharing and longer than 5-minute recordings are not available without an account.


Users Favorite – Free & Paid Version


Editor’s Note

You may record anything on your screen at any moment using the screencast-o-matic screen recorder. The process of quickly and easily recording your screen begins as soon as you click the “Record” button. The screen capture feature is ideal for recording gaming. Although it has an impact on your mac performance, the transparent capture is another feature worth mentioning. Additionally, it uses a lot of resources.

Why Choose Screencast-o-matic
  • 15-minute maximum recording time
  • No cost hosting (Up to 15 minutes per upload)
  • Screen and webcam recording
  • Upload to HD YouTube
  • Publish a movie to MP4, AVI, or FLV.

The screen recording software Screencast-O-Matic is excellent and simple to use. Users can easily access tools for taking still images and moving films of the desktop, running program, and full-screen applications. This extremely well-liked program is available in two formats: a website Java applet that can be used in any current web browser, and a separate offline program that is solely accessible to Windows users. Users from all over the world can effortlessly record their monitor surfaces using both applications because they offer identical user interfaces, feature sets, and capabilities.

  • Various options for screenshotting and recording
  • Logical interface
  • Millions of people trust it
  • Options for cooperation and sharing with video hosting
  • Backup of secure files
  • The free trial version’s functionality is restricted.
  • The majority of services are paid-for.
  • No cutting-edge video editing software.


Top Rated – Free & Premium Version


CHeck Prices
Editor’s Note

ActivePresenter enables you to create a wide range of projects due to its combination of recording capabilities and graphic and audiovisual editing tools. These range from video tutorials and training to gameplay videos and eLearning materials, to conference presentations, and can be used for educational, commercial, promotional, research, or demonstration purposes.

Why Choose ActivePresenter
  • Allows you to produce content that is responsive for a multitude of devices.
  • A wide variety of tutorials made by developers are available.
  • Able to quickly convert between a variety of video formats.
  • Templates for inspiration and simplicity of creation.
  • The free version provides a perpetual license.

With all the tools you require for recording your screen and producing eye-catching screencast movies, ActivePresenter is a free screen recorder and screencast video editor. It records your screen in crystal-clear quality and neatly captures system audio and audio from other devices with its quick, clever screen capture technology. Making a polished screencast or instructional video is comparatively simple using ActivePresenter. You can take screenshots of what’s on your screen, edit them, and then export the content in a variety of forms, such as JPEG and PNG photos, HTML slideshows, PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint presentations, interactive simulations, and a variety of video export choices (AVI, MP4, WMV, and WebM). Even lossless codecs for MKV files are supported by the software.

  • Great options for developing e-learning materials; supports saving in several formats
  • Straightforward file upload to LMS
  • Excellent exported content 
  • Outdated interface
  • There is no screenshot feature.
  • Exorbitant cost for the complete version
  • On Mac OS X, some functionalities are not available.
  • In output files, watermarks are embedded.


High Quality & Support – Premium


Editor’s Note

If you’ve ever used VLC to record your desktop, you may have observed that without any further configuration, your mouse cursor is not captured. You must download a mouse pointer picture and set it up as the screen mouse image in order to setup a pointer to be displayed.

Why Choose VLC
  • Fast, intuitive visual effects and transitions during editing.
  • Most recent format supports.
  • Regularly introduced new features.

You already have the means if you’ve been looking for an easy approach to record your desktop and possibly publish the video on YouTube. VLC Media Player is, of course, the method. This software has a lot of capabilities in addition to being able to play videos in any format. One of them is the ability to record your desktop in the format of your choice. On a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, VLC plays a variety of video formats, including DVD discs. A screencast, also possible with VLC, is a live feed of your desktop. To demonstrate a software or website, make a screencast.

  • Simple and uncomplicated interface
  • Installation is without cost
  • Various video formats are supported
  • ·       There is no screenshot feature.
  • ·       The size of the capturing region cannot be altered
  • ·       Incomprehensible recording options

Best Professional Screen Recorder for Mac – Free & Premium


Download Trial
Editor’s Note

Make compelling demo and training videos by recording your screen and sharing brief segments. The quickest method for recording and editing video is with screenApp.IO Screen Recorder.

Why Choose
  • Custom Record
  • Quick Record
  • Capture Your Whole Screen
  • Before downloading, edit your video.

The quickest and easiest way to screenshot your computer on Windows and Linux is with ScreenApp.IO (Ubuntu). There is no need for downloads or extensions. Your screen can be instantaneously recorded, edited, and shared online. The greatest free screen recorder for internet screen capture is ScreenApp.IO. The free online screen recorder may now be used to record your Mac’s desktop. Without having to download any additional software or plugins, the user of can record on a Mac with audio by sharing the entire screen, a window, or just a single tab.

  • A very user-friendly interface
  • There’s an audio recording option.
  • No software installation
  • Safari is not backed up.
  • The free edition lacks any tools for modifying videos.


Budget Friendly – Free & Paid Version


Editor’s Note

Screencastify is impressive because of the thoughtful design of the program. In other words, it gives you the option to set up a scheduled activity by defining the start time and the specific duration in advance. So, you don’t have to sit in front of the computer to record screen video.

Why Choose Screencastify
  • Make interesting videos using our simple tools.
  • Making editing simple
  • If you want to record longer than 5 minutes, upgrade to Screencastify Unlimited.

The most dependable video-making app for Chrome is Screencastify Record. Videos may be quickly created, edited, and shared. Plus, use interactive questions to swiftly gauge audience comprehension. Include your desktop, browser tab, and/or webcam in your video to demonstrate your presentation, concepts, and personality. With the help of the effective tool Screencastify, teachers may record crucial online moments that will ultimately improve learning and save time. Screencastify is an extension, making it simple to set up, use, and operate on the majority of devices.

  • Online tools for editing and drawing
  • No registration is required to save or download videos.
  • Easy to use
  • Scans the data on your browser
  • The size of the capturing region cannot be altered


First Choice – Free


Editor’s Note

The greatest program used for streaming and recording videos is called LOOM. It is free and open source, so anyone can use it. Even if they don’t have much technical knowledge, we can set it up in under 15 minutes and get broadcasting right away.

Why Choose Loom
  • Record your internal audio, your camera, your microphone, and your screen.
  • Immediately share videos with a link when they are automatically saved to the cloud. Receive alerts when someone watches, responds to, or comments on your video.
  • Post time-specific remarks and emoji reactions.
  • Control your Loom video library from anywhere and on any device.
  • With security and access controls, you may specify who can view your video.
  • Save videos to your camera roll.

The most popular screen recording software for mac is called Loom. Join the almost 14 million users who use Loom to record their screen, graphically communicate their thoughts, and give asynchronous feedback across 200,000 enterprises. With Loom, you can instantly generate a link to share with anyone after recording your screen. It’s the quickest and simplest method of screen capture and team communication. Loom makes it simple to keep informed with async video, whether your screen recording a product demo, providing feedback, or just expressing your thoughts.

  • Possibilities for streamlining and structuring work processes are plentiful.
  • Adaptation to commercial services
  • Millions of users trust it
  • The free version has restrictions.
  • System audio recording has crashed before.

Peek 360

Top Innovative Screen Recorder for Mac – Free


Editor’s Note

Peek 360 is a fantastic tool to select if you’re seeking for a dependable and effective screen capture, productivity, and file-sharing solution.

Why Choose Peek 360
  • Peek screencasts can be quickly uploaded to Articulate 360 with just one click, or they can be shared anywhere using a special link.
  • Peek, a screencasting program included with Articulate 360, makes it simple to record screencasts on your Mac.
  • You may choose your microphone from a straightforward drop-down menu and check the volume level to ensure that your voice is being heard well.

Peek, a screencasting tool included with Articulate 360, makes it simple to record screencasts on your Mac. Peek is always accessible from the Mac menu bar whenever you need it. To change your view, move the frame after selecting the software you wish to record from. You can choose your microphone from a straightforward drop-down menu and check the volume level to ensure that your voice is being heard clearly. Peek screencasts can be quickly uploaded to Articulate 360 with just one click, or they can be shared anywhere using a special link. Peek makes it simple to record quick screencasts on your Mac.

  • A cutting-edge, uncomplicated UI
  • Free
  • Incredibly light
  • No audio recording option
  • A lack of export formats

About our rankings:

When sending a support ticket, the best screen capture for mac tools make it exceedingly simple to show how something doesn’t work as well as how it does. However, the requirements and desires of individual people will vary. In the course of our investigation, we looked at roughly 25 Mac-optimized applications, ranging from straightforward three-button windows to complex programmes loaded with capabilities. The options are priced from free to several hundred dollars. Although each of our picks for the best screen recorder software has a unique feature, they all follow a few basic guidelines and are highly suggested for Mac.

  • the option to take a screenshot of a specific area, a window, or your full screen
  • Either built-in video sharing capabilities or useful exporting tools
  • a straightforward, friendly user interface

Of course, the process doesn’t end with the screen capture in mac. Because the quality of the final product can either pique or dissuade user interest, we also considered the alternatives for post-capture editing for mac users. 

Our Research & Strategy:

Mac users can choose from our variety of premium and free screen recording solutions. Each option meets the criteria listed below.

Allows mac users to make notes to the recorded video. Captures audio from the system and the microphone. Captures video from external sources. Is easy to use. Captures the complete screen, a selected region, or a single window of mac.

Pro Tip: Convenience is crucial. Is it simple to use? When it was designed, was the inexperienced user in mind, or was a knowledgeable mac user assumed? Does it necessitate a small amount or a lot of further education? Know what you are getting into before making a decision.

Our Screen Recording Software Experts:

Our team of experts in screen capture software for the mac is well-versed and has put in countless hours of study. We used our research methods to rank this Mac screen recording software and discover all of their key characteristics.

Screen Recorder for Mac Buying Guide

There are many uses for the best screen recorder for mac, and they don’t always have to be pricey. A free screen recorder for Mac might help you achieve your objectives, depending on the user’s particular needs and the operating system you’re employing. If you want more power or access to sophisticated editing tools, you may alternatively sign up for a subscription alternative for your mac. I hope one of this screen recording for mac applications will satisfy your requirements.

How to save money on Screen recorder for Mac:

If you’ve paid for a lot of software suited for mac after attempting trial versions and getting nowhere like the value that was anticipated, there are a number of free screen recorders for your mac that might get the job done with satisfying results without emptying your wallet. A word of caution, though: some can ask you to buy a commercial edition of their “free” product after downloading it in order to access all of its features. The best screen recording software for mac provides both free and paid choices that may be used to record activities connected to your job or pleasure on your mac. You might decide to buy one of the aforementioned items depending on the type of obligations you have. The folks who professionally work on eLearning video projects may benefit the most. The free screen recording tool for mac is an option for users with considerable technical skills.

Pro Tip: Is the screen recorder for your mac is free or paid? Exists the fine print. A paywall frequently results in blocking some functionalities.

Personal vs Commercial:

When utilizing a free screen recorder for mac and one of the greatest tools for personal usage, there are no time constraints on the duration of your movies. You have the option to choose the portion of the screen you want to record using the application, but you can also choose to record the entire screen also. Customizable hotkeys make controlling the recording simpler in your mac, and an audio mixer enables you to produce audio-rich movies. In addition to the straightforward screencasting features that you won’t find in the built-in screen recorders of most common mac tools.

When it comes to commercial use, paid versions let you to concurrently record games, webcam, mac screen, and audio without putting any time constraints on the video. You can choose to record at a frame rate between 15 and 120. A higher FPS is ideal for recording motion-heavy video games. The software also enables you to add annotations like text to improve your audience’s viewing experience. You can alter your cursor’s size, color, and shape to give it a unique appearance.

Pro Tip: You must make sure the editing features in the recording software for mac satisfy your needs. It wouldn’t be useful if you choose screen-recording software for mac just to find out later that it didn’t include editing features. It might not even offer video editing, which is far worse. You would be compelled to use something that didn’t meet your needs.


On a Mac, press Command + Shift + 5 on the keyboard to record your screen. Then, from the pop-up toolbar at the bottom of your screen, choose Record Entire Screen or Record Selected Portion. Lastly, select Record. On your keyboard, press the Command, Shift, and 5 keys.

Simply, your screen recording will be of higher quality if it has a higher frame rate, especially if there is any kind of movement on the screen. The frame rate of recordings normally varies, but if it is possible, you should strive to boost it on your video recorder for Mac or PC to 60 frames per second.

From the Applications folder, launch QuickTime Player, then select File > New Screen Recording from the menu. The onscreen controls mentioned above, or the Screen Recording window mentioned below will then appear. Select a microphone to capture your voice or other audio alongside the screen recording.

Select File/New Screen Recording in the QuickTime Player program. Click the Record button after deciding whether you want to capture the entire screen or only a section of it (the options are marked in red below). Select Options from the menu. In this scenario, Loopback Audio is the suitable audio source to select.

Press these three keys simultaneously to view the Screenshot toolbar: Command, 5, and Shift. Onscreen controls for recording your full screen, a specific area of your screen, or a still image of your screen will be visible.

  • Start your browser and QuickTime Player first.
  • Turn off Hardware Acceleration in your web browser in step two.
  • Launch QuickTime Player, play Netflix, and begin screen recording.
  • Fourth, stop the recording and watch the Netflix video.
Best Screen Recording Software