Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac


It is a video screen capture for Mac and 2 in 1 which can do screen recording as well as video editing. You can capture the screen with a single click and it is useful for capturing webinar, live streaming video and more. It also lets you to capture audio from microphone or computer system. The screen recording can be done in a simple manner where you can specify the region that you want to capture and then save it in different formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, WMA and more. Record screen video up to 60 fps to get perfect output and there is superspeed mode to save your recording in a quick manner. This program is compatible with OS X 10.7 or higher. It is best to use preset format for smartphone and tablet. Finally, share the created video to social media site like YouTube, Facebook etc.

Do editing

You can do editing by removing the unwanted footage whether it can be from the beginning, middle or end of the video. There is also option to edit, rotate, split and join videos and also add your own audio to the screen capture.

Webcam recording

There is also option to switch between webcam and screen recording during the video. It helps to create video session for the student and for better understanding.

Add Watermark

The user can also add watermark to the video to show the creator of the video. Include titles in the screen capture to bring more viewer.

Apply effects and filter

Give more professional look to the captured video by adding filter and effects to screen capture.

Widely used in many fields

It is used in major fields like business, education, marketing and other. In business it is necessary to share information with partner, employees and other people. It also enhances the employees training efficiency that makes to watch video at anytime they want and this video helps to improve the efficiency of the work. Whereas in education, it can be used for creating tutorial videos and it can be accessed throughout the world from Youtube or vimeo. You can record mouse movements and show keystroke to make it easy for the user to follow. You can create videos in flipped, hybrid and online learning and add interactive quizzes as a part of the video to see how students are performing. The online course helps the student and viewer to study at anytime they want as well as it makes you to study at your own pace. It also improves student and teacher interaction more useful.

Suppose if you have problem in your computer and you have difficulty in communicating or forming the words, it is best to take screen capture and send it to technical support team. Coming to marketing, create product demonstration videos through step by step process. The application developer also find the screen recording and mirroring very helpful as in final stages of the development they can show the app functioning, error and features to other.


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