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Screenpresso is the best image and video screen capture software for PC. It can be used to training documents, collaborative design work, IT bug report and more. This program is a light weight screen grab tool with built in image editor. You can capture full screen, part of the screen or specific window with the short cut or hot key. It lets you to capture the required portion and also click and drag anywhere on the screen to select a region with pixel perfect accuracy and also zoom lens at right bottom of the screen. There is also option to capture your mouse cursor and the context of the capture. Screenpresso PRO lets you to capture the screen in HD videos and also it does audio recording from microphone or system. You can capture in MP4 format for lightweight file and also there is option to resize the video at the end. You can run this application without installing it and it is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Server 2012.

Edit the capture

You can also edit the screen capture with built-in editor and also publish your capture anywhere. By using this tool you can take out unnecessary section from the video whether it may be from beginning, middle or end of the video.

Powerful built-in image editor

It comes with built in vector image editor to mark up your screen shot. You can add arrows, spotlight an area, colorful speech bubbles, text box, callout and more. This feature allows crop, add drop-shadow, rounded corner and more fancy border effects. Screenpresso lets you to highlight a series of steps where each click gets the next number in series.

Workspace and libraries

All the screen capture are automatically saved in widget like panel known as workspace. You can also quick and directly access the previous capture. There is also way to drag and drop files to and from workspace to editing tool, email client and other program. Use shortcuts to organize, print, copy to clipboard past captures and there is toolbar to start a new capture, edit and publish your images.


It has built in function for sharing the screen capture where you can share the image and video to 13 online service like screenpresso Cloud, Email clients, google drive and YouTube, Microsoft onedrive and onenote, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Hightail, Imgur and FTP.

Android screen capture

It lets you to capture the connected Android(4.4+) devices in images and videos.

Document generator

It can also generate PDF, Microsoft Word (DOCX) or HTML document based on images and comments. This is useful for creating user manual and for training purpose.


It supports 19 language like English, french, German, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Hungarian, Danish, Polish and more.

There are many uses of screen recorder where can save video call and conference as well as record online streaming from any platform.

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