iTop Screen Recorder Review – Is it Actually Worth it?

An online screen recorder is undoubtedly necessary for the era of virtual classrooms and meetings. Students need resources so they can view their classes again, after all. Additionally, people who are at work might want to review some information from an online class. In order to capture everything on your screen, screen recording solutions have been released to the market.

There are already plenty of choices for screen recording. Some of them may be accessed without spending any money. While there is a cost associated with the others. But it’s worth the money or effort you put into it!

A top-notch screen recorder makes it possible to capture the desktop screen, which is useful for producing computer training videos. With the help of this application, you may quickly avoid the tiresome process of taking notes during lectures or conferences.

Then iTop Screen Recorder might be a fantastic alternative for you if you’re seeking for great screen recording software. You will undoubtedly find an iTop screen recorder if you are seeking user-friendly screen recording software for your Windows. Anyone may record their screen without any prior expertise with the simple user-friendly facilities of this screen recorder. With the flexible program iTop recorder, you may record speech, gameplay, audio, and the screen. Along with recording the screen, you may also record what you see on your webcam.

iTop Screen Recorder Price

You can record your screen for free with the iTop desktop recorder. Although the free version offers a number of capabilities. but the recording duration is constrained, and high-resolution video cannot be exported. However, you’ll need to get the Pro edition if you want to get the most out of this software and activate all the features. The interface will give you the choice to upgrade to Pro for $29.99 once you download the free version.

At the time of this writing, the Pro edition through iTop costs $19.99 for a month and $32.99 for a yearly membership. Additionally, connecting 3 PCs cost $39.99.

The iTop website also provides an extended download service for $7.99 and a backup CD for $9.99.

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iTop Screen Recorder Key Features

With iTop Recorder, you can record your screen in a variety of ways to suit your needs. It is a feature-rich screen recorder. The simplicity of screen recording and audio compatibility are accessible. Every speaker’s voice, intimate context, and small headset microphone are all completely captured. It captures everything, including audio and images. The iTop screen recorder’s key features are listed below for your knowledge.

Flexible Screen Capture

Choose the specific scene on the screen you want to start recording. A small dialogue box or the full display might be chosen. It also allows for the simultaneous viewing of many programs. This enables you to swiftly capture each tiny detail. It also helps to record movies in 4K resolution from the whole screen, a window, or any chosen area.

Multiple Outputs/Convert Formats

It makes an effort to meet the needs of various groups. There are about 12 different output formats that may be saved and converted. Even other commonplace gadgets like your iPhone and your old MP4 player are compatible with it. There are several other video formats available for storing, including MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, and GIF.

Simultaneously Record Webcam, Audio, and Video

With a camera and microphone, you may capture your face and voice in a video for tutorials, gaming, and other purposes. For music or your voice, you may also record and save a separate audio file.

Take screenshots while recording

Dynamic and static are equal and parallel to one another. We frequently overcome the technological obstacles that prevent simultaneous audio and video screen recording. Additionally, you may take screenshots as needed. The program can record video at 1080p and 120 frames per second.

No lagging while HD Recording

The professional game recording mode is entirely apart from other typical game recordings since it uses cutting-edge GPU rendering and encoding technologies. For a variety of 2D and 3D games, including League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Roblox, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, you may lag-free record HD footage at any time. It guarantees frame-drop-free recording of high-quality gaming footage at up to 60 FPS. The average CPU use for the online screen recorder iTop is 8%. This enables seamless recording for you.

With iTop Screen Recorder, users have zero latency when recording. The program starts to record the screen each time you press the “Record” button. In this manner, you may produce high-quality gaming or lesson videos without losing their HD quality.

No Time Limit & Flexible Watermark

By unticking No Watermark in Settings, you may record without a watermark. You may also personalize your original watermark with unique characters, fonts, colors, and sizes to prevent others from copying your films. Using iTop Screen Recorder, you can effortlessly guarantee that your films won’t be exploited by anybody else. Here, you may apply a watermark to make sure the video you’ve captured is all yours. This fantastic function, however, is only available in the Pro edition of iTop Screen Recorder.

Recording Schedule

Scheduling your recording time makes your recording as simple as possible by allowing you to start and stop it automatically at certain times. This feature is only available in the Pro edition.


If you’re presenting, you might wish to highlight essential information or take notes near the audience. You may doodle with a wide variety of options on the iTop screen and voice recorder. For free-form drawing, you may choose a pencil, or you can select a shape or some text. You may add doodles to your films such as pen drawings, rectangles, ovals, lines, arrowheads, and texts to make them look more appealing. When you’re finished, clear the doodles or click the Undo button to remove your most recent mark.

Mouse Click Effects

Use the mouse built-in effects to draw viewers’ attention. This will make it easier for your audience to follow along. It also clarifies complicated or dense material and demonstrates to readers exactly what they should accomplish next. To determine whether to highlight or give the pointer a click motion, use the Settings panel. Basic effects are used. A yellow circle that travels steadily with the pointer is added by the highlight. When you click on the mouse, the animation generates a red circle that appears where you clicked. If you turn off the Mouse option on the recording dashboard, neither effect will appear. It is the perfect tool for capturing video conferences, webinars, seminars, presentations, games, and more.

Video editing

You may perform some basic editing tasks with the iTop Online screen recorder, which is nearly barrier-free. Regardless of audio or video, even one frame may be controlled by the user.

iTop provides several video editing features in addition to the screen recording function.

In addition to recording, it provides facilities for editing the recorded footage. It has practical, necessary, and user-friendly capabilities. To modify it afterward, perfect your online screen recorder.

A built-in video editor in iTop Screen Recorder allows you to split, crop, and edit the recorded footage. Despite being a lightweight screen recorder, it uses GPU hardware acceleration technologies to improve the efficiency and stability of video recording and editing.



Video Saving

The iTop screen recorder software gives users the freedom to use the zero-lag approach and the highest 4K quality when recording video. Save your movie in your preferred private space legally first. You seldom ever need to bother about the output format of iTop Screen Recorder. The program’s support for several conversion formats, including MP4, AVI, and GIF, is the cause.

This screen recorder also enables you to capture sounds in addition to pictures. You can accomplish it quickly by using the camera input, other peripherals, or the built-in system audio.

No Extensive System Requirements

A lot of screen recorders on the market today need a long list of technical requirements. iTop Screen Recorder isn’t one among them, though. Instead, it works flawlessly on Windows 7, 11, and 10, as well as other widely known Windows versions. Additionally, the seamless operation of the online screen recorder is made possible by both AMD and Intel CPUs.

Let’s look at how to utilize it to record the screen now that we are aware of its greatest attributes.

How to start, edit and record?

We have mentioned that the iTop recorder is only presently accessible to Windows users. You can choose to download the free version of iTop Recorder, but you should be aware of its restrictions. The free version firstly adds a watermark to your recording. There aren’t any scheduled recording options, and there are just a few file types. The free version has a reduced recording quality. You must choose its premium edition if you want to get over these restrictions. Here are the procedures for downloading and using the free version of the iTop recorder.

Step 1: To download the iTop screen recorder, open “” in your web browser and select the Free Download option.

Step 2: Set up the recorder and start the program. Choose the recording area in accordance with your requirements.

Step 3: Depending on your preferences, turn on the speaker, mic, mouse effect, or webcam.

Step 4: Set up your screen for recording and press the Rec button when you’re ready. Before recording begins, there are a few buffer seconds available.

Step 5: From the widget in the bottom-right corner, select the Stop button to halt recording.

Step 6: Go to my Creations and look for your recording there. To modify the video in the video editor, click the Edit icon.

Using the iTop Screen Recorder, you may quickly and easily acquire a record of your online lessons or online conference.

Video Sharing

Clicking Export will allow you to save your edits as well. You can specify the file location in the window that will thereafter display. The format you chose under Settings is used to save the file. The program, which is only compatible with Windows, enables you to export data in a variety of formats.

Transfer the files produced on your PC with iTop to your mobile device if you prefer to edit and save finished versions of your films using a smartphone app. Finish out your project there. A basic or easy-to-use video editor is included with the iTop online screen recorder to split, crop, and cut the recorded video.

You may immediately export the finished product in any desired format after recording and editing the screen recording. ITop Screen Recorder offers a variety of video formats for output. MP4; AVI; FLV; MKV; MOV; TS; GIF; and others

Although it is a simple screen recorder, it also has GPU hardware acceleration technology, which improves the stability and effectiveness of video editing. Finally, sharing internet services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch is possible.

For everyone who needs simple and streamlined screen recording, video editing, and quick uploading to well-known online video platforms, iTop Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder to use.

iTop Screen Recorder Basics

You might be wondering how to record a laptop screen with audio; however, using our free HD screen recorder doesn’t require you to be an expert technologist. Once it has been downloaded, click to launch the installer. The installer will then give you the option of placing a shortcut for subsequent easy access on your PC’s toolbar or desktop.

When you start the software, the main dashboard will appear with a sizable “Rec” symbol. You may start recording everything on your screen by clicking that button. Click the red square in the toolbar that displays at the bottom right of your screen to stop the recording.

Below, we’ll go over the customization choices and settings. However, all you need to do to begin going right now is click a button. Your stored films will show up in the dashboard, and unless you remove them, those file shortcuts will display each time you use the software.

Pros and Cons

Let’s get to the core of the iTop screen recorder review now. You should be aware of the pros and Cons of any screen recorder so that you can correctly evaluate the device. Here are the iTop recorder’s benefits and drawbacks.


  • It can able to record the game, the screen, and the audio.
  • A flexible recording area for screen captures.
  • Edit videos, add stickers and use filters.
  • Several output formats and different hotkeys.
  • Take screenshots and capture video using the webcam.
  • In the Pro edition, the watermark may be customized.
  • In the Pro edition, recording may be scheduled.


  • Due to the watermark, the free version is useless.
  • It’s only compatible with Windows.
  • It may slow while recording high-end games.

iTop Screen Recorder Review: The Bottom Line

Unquestionably one of the best open-source screen capture programs for documenting business and other activities taking place on a display is iTop Screen Recorder. The program is created in a way that enables users to work on their gadgets and yet broadcast their actions in an uninterrupted manner.

ITop can assist in producing output at a professional level using easy-to-use tools. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you at least once try the free version of this program. Of course, you may subsequently convert to the commercial version if you’d like.

To summarize, the iTop screen recorder is quite simple to use, but you must get its Pro edition if you want to get rid of the watermark that appears on your recordings when you use the free version. You can use a professional video recorder in place of its Pro version.

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