Movavi Screen Capture Pro for Mac


It is a Movavi screen capture program for Mac where you can capture any fragment of the screen or full screen. You can record online videos from websites like YouTube, Vimeo and more. There is also option to record audio from device or music from computer. Save web-based interview and webinar with speed up to 60fps and also record any video in your player.

Movavi Screen Capture Pro for Mac lets you to create video instruction with added voice over, highlighted mouse movement as well as keyboard activity. It is a faster way to communicate and you can give a clear visual plan by annotating the video. The screen capture software is a perfect way to illustrate the point visually. This software is compatible with OS X 10.7 or higher.

Save it in popular output format:

After doing the screen capture, you can save it in popular formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PGM, PCX and more.

Editing the captured files:

Once you have finished editing then you can start editing the video from beginning, middle or end of the video to give a professional look. With Movavi Screen Capture Pro for Mac, compress videos to smaller file size and also save it in required format.

Share it:

The captured image or video can be shared on various sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other site. Show you work to your family and friends.

Creating animated GIF:

To do this you need to record an action or video on the screen and then save the animation in GIF format. After creating the screen capture you can view it in capture editor window and there is option to trim the GIF for cutting unnecessary section. Finally, name the file and save it in different location.

Record audio only:

Easily record online music, podcast, media, radio, voice input and more. If you want to record audio from microphone or any other recording device connected to computer.

Record mouse and keyboard action:

By using this program, you have the option to record mouse and keyboard action. This is helpful to show the flow of work in the video.

The screen recorder is used in business to make the customers happy and it is also used to monitor the employees performance. In many business they have started using this recording software where it records the activity to see the employees are interacting with customers through online. You can check whether the employees are following the companies computer policies and to make sure that data is handled properly. Movavi Screen Capture Pro for Mac is also a good teaching tool to enhance the customer interaction.


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