Best Free Screen Recording Software July 2022

A free Screen capture is a tool to capture anything on the screen in best manner that can be video, audio or image. You can do recording for a full screen or customized screen and share the recording with other. After completing the screen capture, you can do editing that can be from any part of the video to make the video more engaging.

Now, we will review top 10 best free screen recorder

  1. Screencast-o-matic
  2. Bandicam
  3. Camstudio
  4. Apowersoft
  5. Dr.fone for Android
  6. Monosnap for Mac
  7. Quicktime Player
  8. Showmore
  9. Tinytake
  10. OBS Studio

These are the feature from free screen capture which is necessary for normal screen capture. Whereas in paid screencasting you get lot of function like zoom, watermark, drawing tool and more. In free screen capture, it is easy to use and it is a ideal one for everyone. There are many free screen capture tool available for Windows and Mac.

If you are going to simple recording then it is best free screen capture where you can record lecture, webinar, skype videos and more. Whereas the quality may be lacking when compared to the paid version.

Free Screen Recorder Comparison

Currently, there are many reliable free screen recorder and let us have look into it


Screen O Matic for Free Screencast

Screencast-o-matic is the best and easy to use free screen recorder for Windows and Mac where you can capture any part of the screen. You can also record from microphone and also from computer system audio. With this program, remove unnecessary section from the video that can be from any part of the video. By using the screencast-o-matic, pan and zoom to capture important areas in the recording. Nowadays, you can get important information from the screen only and you can easily the save the content with free screen recorder software.

In addition, you can also create your own videos with the tool and share it with others. This program completes your work in a easy manner and get the required output without spending money. By using this tool you can complete all the required work and anyone can use this product. This is best for personal use and has all the necessary function for a quality capture. It is a effective one to do your work. This is a ideal program people who does not require much feature to complete the work.


Bandicam is one of the top 10 free screen recorder program for Windows to capture any part of the screen. Currently, screen play a huge part of the life where most of the information are in it. You can share the information quickly and easily with others. The Bandicam tool comes with no virus and it is free from issues. Do screen recording with lo lag and the right product to capture streaming online videos, flash games and various program. With this tool, you can create a videos in a unique manner and also mix your own voice in the video that you are recording. You can record lecture, webinar, games and skype calls in HD.

The free software has all the basic requirement and functionality where you complete the recording in a easy way. Everyone will be happy to use this screen recorder which is very user friendly. This product comes with all the basic feature like editing, record webcam as well as record audio from external device or computer sound. There is also another functionality where you can record games and share it with other to show the gaming skill. You can enjoy the screencasting without any lag and it is the right tool.


By using the top Camstudio screen capture for Windows, you can record all screen and audio activity from the computer. You can capture the screen in a quick manner and also create demonstration video for software program. It is a very useful one for your personal and commercial projects. Do recording without losing any quality and this is the best way to create online tutorial for schools and college. Many of them look for paid software without knowing the free version features but these functionality would satisfy many people without going to the paid one.

Anyone can use this product and also personalize your video by including webcam of yourself. If your requirement is simple for doing the screen capture, then you can go with camstudio screenrecorder. When compared to free version, there is less feature and in paid version there is many advanced feature. Another major benefit of this software is that you need spend money for buying it and you can do quality screen recording.


Apowersoft is the best free screen recording tool for Windows to any area of screen that can be full screen or customized part of the screen. With a single click, you can start the recording and it lets you to record tutorial, lecture and videos. When compared to other screen recorder it comes with limitation for recording time and in this screen capture has no limitation for recording time. By using this tool, you can capture the audio and video simultaneously in a good quality. Apart from other feature, you can include include webcam while recording and also do editing for your captured screenshot. You can also do recording by including web camera for making online classes.

This screen recorder lets you to export the recorded videos to wide range of format and make annotation during recording. The user can get full freedom when using this screen recorder and it is completely user friendly. Whereas free screencasting program does not require to renew or upgrade to latest version. Apowersoft screen recorder is helpful in many ways to the user and helps to complete the work in time. In this tool, the features may be less but it has all the basic necessary function.

Dr.fone for Android

Dr.fone is a top Android free screen capture app to capture full screen or partial screen from the smartphone. You can easily capture on- screen videos and snapshot from the mobile without requiring any other external device. Customers can get the app from google play store and it is easy to use. This app is useful to capture important online videos or conservation and you can watch it whenever you have time. The user’s can also do audio recording and also name the recording, even before the recording starts. You can also use your Android smartphone in presentation work and you should not change the setting during the recording process.

Currently, most of the people use Android phone compared to the iOS device. This app is extremely useful to many people where you can capture important information from the screen. With free app, you can do fast screen recording and there is no risk to your phone or data. Record all live content from your smart phone whether you have Samsung, HTC, sony, motorola and other. By using the app, you can complete the work without paying any penny and also do game recording in a efficient manner.

Monosnap for Mac

Monosnap is a reliable and best free screen recorder program is available for Windows and Mac where you can take screenshot for the full screen or required area. You can save the screenshot and transfer it to the cloud. By using this tool, you can also highlight important details with text, arrow and shape. In this tool, you can also hide private information with the blur tool and also customize screenshot with hot keys. Another advantages of this is program is that, you can work with multiple screen that has 8x magnifier that allows to grab pixel perfect areas.

Another highlight of this screen recorder is that, it is helpful to beginner and if there is more tools or feature it will be difficult to use them. If someone requires basic functionality then you can go with monosnap for Mac which is a ideal one to complete the work. There is no need to spend money in licensing with this program and also get free cloud storage space. The open source and free software is easy to adapt by anyone and it is easy to use.

Quicktime (Mac, iPhone and iPad)

Quicktime is a best and free screen recorder for your Mac where you can capture audio and video in a high quality manner. You can also download app for iPhone and iPad to record the screen activity and you can use the pp in most of the iOS device. The quicktime player records the screen activity without any lag and has built in media player where can review them and share immediately. It also comes with latest encryption technology and keeps your data safe and private. More than a screen recorder, it functions as a media player and screen capture in a high quality manner.

With the free screencasting, you can use it for any purpose and there is no restriction at all. Another big advantage of screen recorder is that it never disappears from the market. Most of the open source project are user friendly and the user’s can get full freedom which is compatible with system. In the free version, there is no need to renew and also it is not required to spend more money on licensing. The easy way to do screen recording from iOS device.


The Showmore is a best and free online screen capture for Windows by which you can record audio and video from the screen. Using this tool, you can capture full screen or customized screen capture. Once you have completed the screencasting, then you can edit the videos to cut unnecessary section that can be from any part of the video. There is also real time editing and you can also add effects to your videos. Some of the people might be using the screen recorder occasionally without requiring many advanced tool and this would be the ideal one to complete your task.

This free program does not comes with advanced feature and it has common features. It is a reliable program to upload and share it with others. You can try many things with this program without any restriction and also do game recording in a simple manner. The easy way to record anything from the Windows and this would be useful person who does not want to spend money in buying a another version. Nowadays, most important information is on computer screen or mobile screen where you can save the information easily by this tool.


Tinytake is a top free online screen capture program to capture the video, audio and image from the screen. This is one of the fastest way to do the screen capture for Windows and Mac. Tinytake lets you to capture a video for up to 120 minutes and also add comments to the captured program. You can also markup screenshot with text box, arrow, highlight and more. In this program, you can record a video using webcam whereas in many other tool, it does not have this option. With this program you can share your capture as links and also print your captures.

Downloading and installing takes only few seconds to complete and it does not involve in complex setting. If you are doing screencasting for personal use where the tool would satisfy all requirement without spending money. In case, if you are working on a commercial project and require advanced feature then it is necessary to go with paid Tinytake version. You can get the product according to your requirement and the no cost version is certified to be spyware free. It is easy to use and also upload to the cloud rightaway.

OBS studio

OBS Studio is a free and best open source screen recording tool for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can do video recording and audio capturing that helps you to capture everything from monitor. Compared to other program, this program has high performance real time audio and video capture as well as mixing. You can capture video, image, text and more in a high quality manner. There is also features like image masking, color correction, chroma and more. OBS studio program is easy to use and the big advantage is that you can do a live streaming on YouTube and also add logo to it. You can also get streamlined setting panel for quick configuring and broadcasting.

However you can go for a free version depending upon the requirement. Once the recording is over you can save it in hard drive with different formats like MP4 and MKV. In this version there is no upgrades and the user can also study the program by accessing the source code. The OBS studio does not impact impact the system performance when it is downloaded and requires a minimum space only. Anyone can use it and it is useful in various ways.

Final decision

I think you might have got all the required information about free version. There are free software which is compatible to various platform like Windows, Mac and Linux to suit your specific needs.

Best Screen Recording Software